Atomic Testing Museum & Luv-It

We’ve got the week off work for a Staycation.  Today’s activity #1:

Atomic Testing Museum sign

The Atomic Testing Museum is located near the Las Vegas Strip and is operated in association with the Smithsonian Institute.  As of today, the admission is $12 per adult, but if you are a Nevada resident they give you a discount (with your ID) of $3.

Photography isn’t allowed throughout most of the museum. One woman walking through at the same time as us was taking photos of just about everything!  However, I did sneak a photo with my iPhone of one display about radioactive fallout.  I’m pretty sure that my family’s breast cancer history is directly tied to fallout and being downwinders from the testing done in the 1950’s.

Atomic Testing Museum display

There was one spot that was kind of kitschy and was outside of the main display, so I made sure we got photos of us there to prove that we were actually there:

Kevin at Atomic Testing Museum Jill at Atomic Testing Museum

There is also a gift shop with the museum (I think that might be a requirement for opening a museum?) that sold all kinds of weird things, like:

Commie Mints

We spent a few hours at the museum, after that we were hungry and the other thing I had planned for the day was to try something that I’ve heard about ever since we moved here but hadn’t tried it yet:

Luv-It Frozen Custard

Luv-It Frozen Custard

My main purpose in choosing this was because Kevin loves ice cream and sundaes.  (Yes, I know frozen custard is different from ice cream… but it’s the same family. Although, I claim fro-yo is in the same family and Kevin denies this.)  I kind of assumed that I wouldn’t get anything due to being lactose intolerant and would just have a taste of Kevin’s… but when the time came I decided I’d get a tiny scoop for myself.  This gave us the opportunity to try the chocolate custard.

Chocolate Frozen Custard

I ate about 1/3 of this.  The rest made it back to my freezer at home where I can scrape off little layers of it for a couple more days. (assuming that works)

They had four flavors for the day: vanilla, chocolate, cheesecake and Swiss almond.  Kevin ordered one of their sundaes with vanilla as the base.

Western Sundae

It was tasty, as one might expect from such a concoction.  But the caramel was pretty exceptional, great flavor.

Luv-It is in kind of a sketchy area.  We saw several… um, colorful, individuals wandering around.  Kevin said, “Why is it that I feel like I don’t want to be in this area?”  Cause it’s not the prettiest or friendliest looking area, or cleanest, or touristy, or… well, anything like that.  But it was tasty and simple and had a real small town feel (if you ignored the surrounding area) as you ordered at the walk-up window.  Also, Luv-It is cash only… I knew this in advance from the web, but there was a couple that came while we were there and they left empty-handed after this revelation.