Growing Pains

Sometimes, my life gives me a headache.

So many good things, yet so many things as you grow and change make you really question your path in life. How you got there and where you’re going to go. Am I just floating along in this weird limbo for the next 5-10-20-more years?

I’m not even sure I know what is going through my head lately or how to express my thoughts. But I know I have random, disorganized and unformed thoughts flying through my head at high speed.

Look…. squirrel!


2 thoughts on “Growing Pains

  1. So, it seems like every year I sort of have an annual freak out inside my head (very mild but still there) where I’m like “WHAT AM I DOING?” pertaining to my entire life. It’s almost like I have to reevaluate if I am where I want to be and just kind of mentally accept my life in all its mundane glory. I know it’s pretty much normal to feel these things when I evaluate my life and feel general uneasiness in some areas because, well, it’s life, and I’m not perfect. But in the times when I’m doing the annual freak out, it really can be disturbing to my nerves. I’m getting to the point where I can handle it a little bit better. I usually cope by accepting that there are a lot of things that I can’t change due to other people’s choices and then just work on what I can do to enjoy myself better or to change what I don’t like, such as take more walks, do something from my goal list, try something new, clean my house, play the piano, concentrate on helping and loving other people, or whatever I come up with that helps me feel refreshed and like I am progressing, even just a little at a time. I tend to pray more in these times, too, because that helps me feel more peaceful. I commented because I think it relates, but if it totally doesn’t, that’s okay, too. It’s nice for me to get it out. I would say mine feels like I’m just constantly going in circles over and over again. So I guess mine’s a circular limbo.

    • I had the circular thing a lot, then it settled down a little… but all the sudden it’s back and it’s HUGE. Questioning everything and asking myself why I didn’t do more of XY&Z before jobs/marriage/kid… It’s a good life, but there are so many “what if’s” in this world, I want to experience so much more! LOL

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