Changing Language

The other day I heard a sports report and at one point the reporter said something about a “winning streak” and the first thing that popped into my head was Charlie Sheen and his crazy-train-media-storm.

The same thing happens when I listen to the news and they talk about “the situation” in a foreign country, the first thing that pops into my head is Jersey Shore. (I’ve never even seen an episode of Jersey Shore, but I know enough that there is a character called “The Situation”.)

It’s interesting how language can change over time.

It’s on my Life List to read the book Wuthering Heights.  Reading the book is something I’ve struggled with though, it’s not an easy read for me. To help with this I thought listening to it as an audiobook would help.  Oh boy… that was even worse!

First, they frequently use the word “g-a-y” in terms of being happy… not like the way it is more commonly used in our society now.  I can deal with that.

But then they often pull themselves or hold themselves “e-r-e-c-t”.  When used in context of some of the other words it makes me giggle.

Lastly, whenever they need to make a statement with some measure of urgency they don’t shout or interject or cry out…
they “e-j-a-c-u-l-a-t-e”.
And they do this all the time.
There’s a lot of that happening.
I only made it through the first few chapters before I was laughing like a 12-year-old boy.

In some ways it’s a little sad the way the English language gets all warped and simple phrases take on entirely new meaning.  Classic works of literature are almost bastardized due to everything having completely new meanings.

On the flip side, it’s also interesting how it evolves.

*Words have been spelled with hyphens because I’m a little afraid of what kind of weirdo Googling I’ll end up with all of those words combined in a single post. Google searches are scary sometimes.  What is wrong with people?! And if you are a creepy Googler who ended up here hoping for something naughty… Hi!

3 thoughts on “Changing Language

  1. Hahaha! I agree, it’s funny AND sad! Me and my sister-in-law were just talking about this the other day, how we have to watch what we say now because innocent sayings get completely misconstrued. I of course can’t even think of any examples right now…

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