One of the “fine dining” establishments in The Mirage, kokomo’s is a restaurant that specializes in steak and seafood. Set in a tropical “forest” in the midst of the hotel, the restaurant has a ceiling that is all a skylight and an open/welcoming environment.

At the time of our visit the restaurant was featuring a special prix fixe tasting menu. Each person could eat for just $29.99. I was momentarily scared that the portion sizes may not be that satisfying simply due to the fact that it was a “tasting” menu and it was so cheap compared to every other price on the menu. But that wasn’t the case, we were definitely satisfied.

SN850419 The bread basket came with several different offerings: parmesan crackers, rosemary rolls and olive rolls. The olive rolls were not my thing, filled with plenty of kalamata olives which I do not like. The crackers tasted a lot like flour, but they were still okay. The rosemary rolls were really tasty though, even if the pretzel salt on the top was a little overpowering.

We had our choice of 3 items for appetizers. Kevin selected the panko crusted crab cake. It was served on top of a sauce with a nice spice to it and had cabbage on top. I chose the salad of roasted carrots, endive, pecans & orange vinaigrette. The flavors really exploded when you got a little bit of each item all together, really tasty combo. (The 3rd option available was a wild mushroom pot pie.)

Panko Crusted Crab Cake Roasted Carrot & Endive Salad

For our entrees, Kevin chose the Surf & Turf combo. It was a 6oz. Beef Tenderloin with a giant garlic shrimp, sour cream potatoes & buttered green beans. I opted for the tomato & goat cheese stuffed chicken with sautéed spinach & herb reduction. Both selections were really great. The spinach was a little bitter in mine, but the sauce more than made up for that. (3rd entree selection available was a macadamia crusted seafood of the day.)

Surf & Turf Goat Cheese & Tomato Stuffed Chicken

There were only two options available for dessert, so of course we had to get one of each. Kevin ordered the salted butterscotch custard with chantilly cream and caramel sauce. It was really good, I love the combination of saltiness and caramel. I chose the 12-layer chocolate cake with raspberries. It was a really dense and fudgy cake, super rich and very tasty.

Salted Butterscoth Custard 12-Layer Chocolate Cake

They probably hated us, seeing as we were most likely the cheapest table in the joint that night… no booze, no dessert coffee, tasting menu… but that’s okay. We enjoyed our meal and had a nice evening.

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