Self-Promoting Motivation

The big BlogHer Conference is coming up next month and I’m getting pretty excited about the trip. Initially my reason to go was that I wanted to party like a rock star an internet star. I was going to hang with a bunch of females, get some much-needed socializing time, attend plenty of parties and maybe learn something new about something. I had no delusions of becoming some kind of world famous blogging goddess. (Not even sure I would want that.)

I’ve never been highly motivated to pimp my site on other sites, message boards, forums, etc. I started the blog as a technology experiment, and then found over time I liked having an outlet for my thoughts. And then other people started reading it and I started making friends via the blog. I am genuinely excited each time a new person comments on my site, and the excitement continues when they come back! (I go all Sally Field with my “You like me, you really like me!” feelings welling up inside.)

But ever since I promised that any revenue I earned from my BlogHer ads would go directly to my Team In Training fundraising, now until the event, I have wanted to know how to earn as much as possible from those things. Seriously, how cool would it be to have all kinds of fat cash to give to a good cause?

I’m not going to become a Dooce. (Admit it, she’s an anomaly. A one-of-a-kind in the field. Not everyone can achieve fame from being fired from their jobs, alienating and making up with their family because of religious reasons, going to a mental hospital, etc.) But I want to figure out little ways to boost my money-makin’ from this. Or find some really super-rich person to show up and just donate $10,000 via my running blog. Either way, the possibility of getting cash from the blogging is a lot more exciting to me when I think about it going directly into the pockets of the LLS.

0 thoughts on “Self-Promoting Motivation

  1. I hope you can learn to boost your blog revenue, expecially for LLS! There has to be some magic way. (I got my final BlogHer check, you know, since I stopped running ads. It was for $9!) BAH!

    You’d be surprised at how many people training with TNT have a “sugar daddy” supporting their fundraising. You’ll figure it out when someone tells you that it’s their fourth TNT race in two years. “How do you keep fundraising?” “Well, there is a family friend that covers my donations.” BAH!

  2. LVGurl: Yeah, those checks are always soooo huge, huh?

    That’s exactly what I need, a “sugar daddy” to support my training. I would gladly quit my job and just train for TNT all the time if I had someone footing the bills.

    I hear George Clooney is single again and I know he’s got plenty of $$$. “Hey George, call me! Or better yet, don’t call, just donate money in my name!”

    Or I need to get a corporate sponsor, someone who wants me to wear their logo around while I train and compete. Now, the big sports guys are probably not going to happen… but what about one of those sponsors of BlogHer ads? I’ll be the “Ragu Running Girl” or something.

    Sparklie: Thanks, I need all the help I can get!

  3. My sister Robin turned me on to your blog. My first introduction was some Twitter entries you did a while back when you were are some conference. Very funny!

  4. Good luck to you!

    I was thinking of going to Blogher this year, since it’s a hop skip and a jump away, but the timing just doesn’t work out.

    Hope you have a great time!

  5. Keith: Thanks for stopping by, it’s always fun to hear from new readers!

    Little Miss Mel: That’s too bad the timing of BlogHer doesn’t work for you, that would have been great to have you there so we could meet!

    180/360: Thank you. It FEELS right.

    Gorillabuns: If you click my ads, I’ll click yours… 😉

  6. Isn’t it crazy those few people whose blogs go skyrocketing in such a short time: Dooce, PW, Dawn Meehan, etc. Who knows, another 8 years and you might be there too.:-)
    Raising in asking other people to give it to you.. sucks. Good luck with that.

  7. Tearese: It is crazy how “famous” some of these people get. I would be really surprised if I suddenly achieved that too, especially since I’ve been blogging as long (or longer) than some of the A-listers.

    Yeah, the asking for money kind of terrifies me more than the marathon training process.

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