Relay 2008

After spending 7 days in Anaheim, I flew back to Las Vegas to sleep in my own bed for one night before getting up early to drive to Utah. The trip to Utah was a whirlwind two-day extravaganza for one really big reason.

Iron County Relay for Life

My mom is one of the organizers for this event, she jumped on board with this after her second bout with breast cancer and she has been a big part of the planning committee ever since. I have helped her with the registration and accounting process for the past three years and I wouldn’t dream of missing the stress, the fun and the emotion.

We had good weather, which is nice when you’ve got an overnight event with people walking around a track all night. As always the survivors’ lap and caregivers’ laps to kick the event off were inspiring. There were bands performing during the evening hours to entertain the crowd and little girl dance groups performing on the field in the morning.

Some of the people that had volunteered didn’t show up so we were left on our own in registration. I was a little concerned that we would be swamped, but my mom and I work quickly and efficiently together and I even had time to go run 4 miles during the evening.

I timed my run so I could be out on the track at 8:00, during the Western Bone Cleavers performance. Their drummer is a guy I went to high school (but no, he’s not the drummer I dated in high school) and I’ve always thought he is amazingly talented. It was fun to have the chance to hear him perform.

(Silly side note: My mom said to me, “Get out there. I can hold things down in here. How often do you get the chance to run to live music?” I winked at her and said, “Not since January, remember?”)

The event had raised $46,000 for the American Cancer Society at the end of the event and some donations are still trickling in via the web. I hope to be able to participate in this event for many years to come, if not the Iron County one then other events. I encourage everybody to take the chance to participate in some kind of event that is a benefit for others, it is a truly beautiful experience.

0 thoughts on “Relay 2008

  1. We went to a Relay for Life event in Alaska last summer to honor my dad and mother-in-law as survivors. It was definitely a touching event and really amazing to see all the luminarias for those victims and survivors of cancer.

  2. I participated in that while I was in college, with the Art Guild. I was so deleriously tired the next day.
    You dated a drummer in highschool? I so did not notice any social happenings when I was there.

  3. 180/360: The luminarias are a great part of the Relay. When all of them were glowing around the track and the announcer was reading off the names “In Memory of” and “In Honor of”, it was very cool.

    Sparklie: It feels good to participate in something like this. The fact that it is with my mom as a survivor, means even more.

    Gorillabuns: I know, isn’t it awesome!

    Tearese: I think everybody is exhausted after Relay, but it’s such a good feeling anyway. You didn’t know I dated a drummer, huh? Much of my high school dating consisted of dating someone for a short period and then realizing we were better off as friends.

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