Keep to the Format

We were driving home from the gym and the husband said, “Whoa… my hands just slipped from the wheel while we were turning!”

I looked at him and said, “Why do you always do that?”


“We can be sitting here in silence and then you just tell me the bad shit that’s happening. Like ‘My hands slipped, I almost lost control of the car!’ or ‘Don’t worry, I just spilled it on the floor, the counter and my pants.’ Maybe I don’t need to know about all the bad things if you can just fix them.”

He responds, “It’s not the bad stuff. It’s the exciting stuff. It’s the current news.”

“Well, then give me a more complete broadcast, give me the news and then throw in a little weather, sports and maybe a kicker story that involves a kitten or something. There’s a format to this, you know?”

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