Before 30: Grow Tomatoes

One of my items to do before turning 30 was to grow my own tomatoes. I took the first steps toward that by buying tomato plants. I bought two, a “patio tomato” plant and a yellow pear tomato plant. I’m quite pleased with this and really hope I can keep them alive and actually producing fruit.

Tomato Plant

I also purchased new dwarf citrus tress, a meyer lemon one and a blood orange. I bought two dwarf citrus last year and I killed them. This time I am dedicated to keeping them alive. They will become my surrogate children!

Lemon Tree Lemon Tree

And bethany actually posted about the buds in her yard and that reminded me to take a moment to get out into the “real world” (you know, the one that isn’t full of work-related demands and is full of sunshine, plants and wind) and snap a photo of the blossoms on my plum tree. Those flowers make me so happy, maybe a little silly but it’s a cheaper form of therapy than a psychologist.

Plum Blossoms

– I need to buy some herbs. I want to grow my own herbs to use in cooking.
– If I actually have success with the lemons, I may need to try this recipe. (Using Retro Bakery‘s pie crust recipe, of course!)

0 thoughts on “Before 30: Grow Tomatoes

  1. I’ve successfully grown tomatoes many times; they’re not too tricky, and the home-grown tomatoes are well worth the effort. I’ve had two dwarf citrus trees before, and managed to kill both of them. *sigh* I wish you better luck than mine! Because how fabulous would it be to have a meyer lemon tree of your own? SUPER fabulous, that’s how!

  2. Oh, you will kick tail at it. They are not hard and you will LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!

    I cannot stress how good it is to have tons of fresh grown herbs are, too. I have several boxes full every year.


  3. I’ve had pretty good luck with tomatoes here. And I grow almost all of my own herbs- they do really well with the heat. My Meyer lemon only had a whopping 7 fruit last year. My other citrus haven’t produced much either. I find that they flower perfectly but just as they set fruit we get a crazy windstorm and I lose a huge percentage. Very frustrating! They need a good deal of sun but also protection from the wind. GOOD LUCK! There is nothing better than eating from your own garden. My goal is to do that as much as possible!

  4. Jill, Good luck with growing the tomatoes. My mom used to grow them all the time when she still lived here in Vegas and grows them in Seattle were she is now! She loves it and they taste SO good!! I also love how the plum tree look with all the blossoms. Southern Highlands streets are lined with them and I just love driving down the road and being surrounded by them. Beautiful!!

  5. Myer Lemons ROCK! I can’t not believe how much juice is in each of them and they make the best Lemonade! I understand that the tree produces a lot of lemons! You inspire me to do these things…. and have a garden!

  6. The $100 store (Target) has those tiny pots of veggies and herbs. Those are cute AND tiny AND you can grow them inside easily.

    My mom always grew those lemons – sigh… I love those things.

  7. I am cracking up at Holli’s name for Target, because that is SO TRUE!

    Herbs are super easy to grow, especially in a place like Vegas! They thrive in strong sunlight.

  8. Love the flowers. I lived near an arboretum in Seattle, and in the spring all the trees had pink blooms like that. Its definitely a good cure for what ails you.

  9. Well, technically we call it the $100 store Little Big Mall. I called it the $100 store, but Faith came along and couldn’t distinguish from the mall – to her it was bigger than a store – but looked like the mall.. thus it became the Little Big Mall. The $100 Store Little Big Mall!!

    Nobody is reading this.

    We call Wal-Mart HoE!

  10. Holli: I call Wal-Mart “Hell-Mart”. I think it was Loralee that I got this from, but I’ve also heard it called “Voldemart”.

  11. Tomato, coriander, parsley and lots of stuff !! Just looking at my veggies on my window sill everyday makes my day!! Fresh manicure whatever still doesnt stop me from planting and tending. Guess gardening is addictive.

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