RoadRunner Saloon

As part of our “vacation at home” weekend, we went out to breakfast one morning. The RoadRunner Saloon & Cowboy Bar is a fairly new restaurant in our area of the valley, but they have a total of 4 restaurants around Las Vegas.

According to their web site they serve whole wheat pancakes, so I was sold. I love a hearty wheat pancake far more than a fluffy, white, buttermilk one. I know, I’m probably in the minority on that one.

So we went to the restaurant, my heart set on pancakes. We were greeted by the hostess and lead to our table. We walked through a lot of rustic decor while staring at the hostess’ thong sticking up way high on the sides of her skirt’s waistband. KLASSY.

I opened my menu and was very disappointed to not find the pancakes I had my heart set on included. Damn… So I had to choose something different. I opted for the Trainer’s Breakfast; scrambled egg whites, sliced tomatoes and a chicken breast. The eggs were great, the tomatoes were mealy (typical winter tomatoes) and the chicken was green (spices, not anything bad). The chicken smelled a lot spicier than it actually tasted. It was about a 6 ounce portion, so I took half of it home with me.

Kevin ordered the Rancher’s Breakfast; eggs, bacon, pancakes, toast, potatoes… a lot of food. He chose to have his eggs scrambled and they turned out well. The potatoes were hard, like they’d been sitting around for a while. Kind of surprising considering we were eating at 8:00 in the morning, not really a late breakfast. The pancakes were rather ordinary and a little soggy (pre-syruping), in fact we might have gotten better ones from an IHOP. But his toast? That was awesome. Technically we didn’t think he was supposed to get potatoes and toast, but the mistake worked out in my favor since I was able to eat a slice of it. It was a good wheat bread, with flax seeds and millet baked into it and it wasn’t really greasy, just toasted lightly with butter lightly melted on one side. I hate when restaurants serve toast dripping with grease.

The music was rather eclectic, with a mix from U2, Rihanna and some song that repeatedly said “She thinks my tractor’s sexy.” That song kept making me giggle, I’d never heard it before but it seemed to fit the environment of the establishment.

So, is it worth it to visit the place again just for good toast? Nope.

5990 Centennial Ctr.
Las Vegas, NV
Roadrunner Centennial on Urbanspoon

0 thoughts on “RoadRunner Saloon

  1. One of my roommates in Cedar listened to that tractor song everyday, around 1999/2000. Love the waitress description, I’m sure she impressed lots of folks with her underwear that day.

  2. Every week I have a lunch meeting, and there is this server that is always questionably dressed. It’s weird. I think I’ve always been able to see some part of her underclothing. One of her favorites is wearing brightly-colored thongs with white capris.

    In other news, I LOVE WHEAT PANCAKES. Praise be to God for the knowledge that was granted us to create wheat grinders.

  3. You have never heard that song? I think that song is so funny… I guess living in the “country”… you hear songs like that all the time! This blog made me want to make some breakfast for dinner!

  4. hee hee. I wore that outfit to a white trash party last year! I wore low rise pants and a high rise purple thong! and a scrunchy in my hair! woo hoo.

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