Lucille’s Smokehouse Bar-B-Que

Man, we seem to be driving clear over to Henderson area a lot lately. But there are a lot of interesting dining choices on that end of the valley. The most recent entry was in the form of barbeque, because as I’ve mentioned on here before – my husband is a huge fan.

Lucille’s Smokhouse Bar-B-Que is located in The District at Green Valley Ranch. It is a standalone restaurant, separate from the open-air mall portion.

The waiter asked if we had been to this restaurant before, and when we responded that we were first-timers he got very animated and proudly exclaimed how they can hold thousands of pounds of meat in their smoker in the center of the restaurant and that the meat has been cooking for hours to give it that perfect flavor. While I guess that is an interesting fact, you would certainly hope that was the case because it is a barbeque joint and if they didn’t actually cook it for a good long time, it would be some other form of cuisine entirely.

After delivering our drinks he provided us with a basket that contained some kind of sweetened butter and two biscuits. I found the biscuits to be too crispy and dry. I prefer biscuits to be soft and fluffy. Maybe we got two duds and the rest of them were soft, but since my only exposure to the bread course was what we were served, that’s how I’m judging them. So I didn’t like the biscuits. My husband actually thought they were “okay”.

I ordered a salad. I’m really not one that can sit down and devour tons of meat and when left completely on my own can go days without meat. The tri-tip salad seemed like a good choice for me though, because it had mixed field greens, cucumber, sweet peppers, avocado and a few slices of beef. The dressing was a tomato vinaigrette. I liked the dressing, it had good flavor. My salad had a grainy portion, like it wasn’t washed thoroughly. But the avocado was awesome and the vegetables were all fresh and crisp. I hate when restaurants serve brown, wilted lettuce, especially if it is iceberg. The meat was good, but too fatty for my liking so I only ended up eating a small portion.

My hubby ordered a combo platter, meaning he got enough food to bring home and feed himself lunch the following day (and probably could have fed a few other people in the process). He tried the brisket and the pulled pork. Both were good, although I’m going to have to give the brisket the edge. Most of the time I prefer pork too, so that surprised me. He got roasted corn on the cob and sweet potatoes for his sides. The sweet potatoes were way too sweet, too much sugar masking the natural flavors of the sweet potato.

They had 3 signature sauces on the table. I picked the spicy one as my favorite but my husband chose the original as his preferred flavor. He placed the memphis flavor in second, but I chose it as my least favorite of the three.

We didn’t have room for dessert, but if I had the appetite the flourless chocolate cake sounded good. The server said his favorite is the banana pudding.

The restaurant was good, but certainly not worth the drive clear across town. Thank goodness we were going to be in that area anyway. If we were around there again and craving bbq, I’d give it another chance.

2245 Village Walk Drive
Henderson, Nevada 89052
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8 thoughts on “Lucille’s Smokehouse Bar-B-Que

  1. We have one near us in LA… and I feel the exact same way you did. It was OK, but I’m not sure B.B. King would even be too impressed.

  2. Last time I was there was a few years ago. Yes, food was okay-to-good. But the portions were revolting. Do people really eat that much food in one sitting?

  3. I feel like I’ve been out of touch on your blog… what is my problem? life gets crazy… and I haven’t blogged in forever. working on big one… I’ll do better! I think you are great and need to take time outs ALL THE TIME!

  4. Loralee: That’s probably a pretty good guide in many cases!

    Neil: That was the best review possible!

    LVGurl: You know, I should have mentioned that because a similar thought crossed my mind. In fact, the table next to us had a couple little kids with them and I heard the server say, “Junior mac and cheese.” For some reason I glanced over right as he set the kids portion of macaroni and cheese in front of a kid in a high chair. The bowl of pasta was as big as what would typically be a serving for 4 people at home. That volume was pretty disgusting.

    Melissa: I understand, life does get totally crazy at times. I hope everything is well with you guys!

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