Hash House A Go Go

While this restaurant isn’t completely new to me, I had never been to the Las Vegas location. We visited the one in San Diego for breakfast while there last month and it was awesome. So we decided we needed to try them for lunch and dinner as well. This visit was for lunch.

They serve ‘brunch’ until quite late in the day, so Kevin was able to order breakfast food at 1:00 when we visited. He ordered the Tractor Driver’s Combo, two eggs with a choice of bacon or potatoes and a choice of pancakes or waffle. He chose the vanilla waffle, the biggest and fluffiest waffle I’ve ever seen. It was really good, not necessarily crisp on the outside but very tasty nonetheless.

I ordered a sandwich, a little more traditional for lunch. I chose the Grilled Portobello Sandwich, with roasted red peppers, pesto and goat cheese. (Don’t knock the goat cheese folks unless you’ve tried it, it’s wonderful stuff!) It supposedly came on a wheat bun, but mine came on a big, fluffy white bun. I don’t like refined flour and I felt a veggie sandwich would have been complimented by a more earthy, grain bread anyway. So I didn’t eat the bun. I chose to have the salad on the side instead of steak fries, I’m not much of a “fry” person. The salad had deep-fried angel hair pasta on top, which made for a nice presentation but didn’t add anything in terms of flavor and actually ended up getting lodged into my gums at one point. That hurt.

I still loved the fresh and different food items. The environment is loud and fun with a DJ playing lots of 80’s hair metal on the day we were there. I can’t wait to try dinner.

Hash House A Go Go
6800 West Sahara Ave
Las Vegas NV 89146
Hash House a Go Go on Urbanspoon

0 thoughts on “Hash House A Go Go

  1. I’ve only eaten there once and I came home and made what I had- egg, bacon, avocado, and cheese hash. It was so delicious. I altered it a bit, but make it all the time now. We sat outside, so I didn’t hear any hair metal!

  2. I LOVE Hash House! Any place that serves fried chicken with bacon mashed potatoes will always win a place in my heart.

    But goat cheese? That will never win a place in my heart. I knock because I’ve tried it, more times than I wish I had…

  3. On Rainbow? If this is where I think it is, it’s right next to my now closed favorite restaurant (a magnolian BBQ place). I’ll have to try this place. LOVE your reviews.

  4. 180/360: Your meal sounds great. I love avocado. When I had breakfast there I had the scramble with sun-dried tomatoes and basil and it was soooooo good! I have been craving it ever since and even tried making it on my own once so far.

    LVGurl: Okay, if you’ve tried the goat cheese and don’t like it, I’ll forgive that. My brother lived in Paris for a couple years and came back with a very refined palate for cheese and he has introduced me to several varieties.

    Retro: It’s at 6800 West Sahara. I should have included that in my review. I’ve edited it to include that!

  5. It’s a place were big food is the norm. The portions at Hash House A Go Go are, in the words of the New York Times, gastronomic! And from firsthand experience, I know that they aren’t kidding.

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