Last night for dinner we went to Kilroy’s, the pick for best burgers in both the Las Vegas Review Journal and Las Vegas Life.

The place is kind of dumpy looking on the outside, like a crummy dive bar. There is a big heavy door with a sign posted that says “The bar is always open. If this door is locked, press the buzzer.” That seemed odd to me, like some kind of speakeasy straight from the 20’s. But the door was unlocked and so we were able to enter without the aid of the button. Darn…

The first thing I was hit with was the overwhelming stench of smoke. A big thick cloud of cigarette smoke hung throughout the room. Kevin immediately asked me, “Do you want to leave?” I refused because we’re trying to visit the restaurants that receive recognition in local publications.* He said, “As long as you think you’ll be okay…”, but sounded doubtful.

We waited by the sign that politely asked that we wait to be seated. After about 5 minutes, somebody kind of waved us over to a table on the other side of the room.

We had a seat in our booth and within moments a waitress was there asking for our drink orders. We ordered and she gave us time to review the menu. The restaurant has a large burger menu, lots of different choices. Prices range from about $6.50 to $9.00 a burger. For a couple extra dollars you can add a side of fries to any burger meal. They also sell larger sides of fries and offer several varieties (pepper, beer-battered, shoestring, etc.).

All burgers are Black Angus beef and can be served on a bun or a lettuce wrap. I chose the Kona burger, topped with lettuce, tomato, mozzarella and mango sauce, on a lettuce wrap. (I rarely eat white flour.) Kevin had the Bacon, Cheese & Avocado burger, which amazingly enough was topped with bacon, cheddar cheese, avocado, lettuce, tomato and thousand island dressing. He also upgraded to have a side of fries included. Apparently at Kilroy’s, a side of fries is a whole basket full. Makes me curious to see just how large the other sizes are, hopefully people are sharing these amongst small crowds.

It was a lot of food for a pretty decent price. I told myself that I was going to allow myself to eat a burger and a few fries without feeling guilty. I still felt a little guilty, but it was tasty guilt.

There are a lot of burgers on the menu that I would still like to try (Hawaiian, Mushroom, Chipotle, etc.) but the whole experience was ruined for me because of the smoke. I had a pretty bad asthma attack upon leaving that put me out of commission for the rest of the evening. I will not return there until the Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act is fully functioning.

Kilroy’s is located at:
1021 S. Buffalo Dr.
4340 S. Grand Canyon Dr.
Kilroys on Urbanspoon

*This entry is part of my efforts to detail some of these places. I’m not doing a good job with it thus far, but at least I’m doing my little part to get some information about these places on the net.

0 thoughts on “Kilroy’s

  1. I think we take our smoke-free environments for granted. When I went to Europe a few years ago, I was OVERWHELMED by the smoke at EVERY restaurant we visited.

  2. I really appreciated the smoke-free environment in Utah when I lived there. I’m glad this new law passed because it’s sickening to have smoking happening every, even in the grocery stores. Now if they would just figure out the specifics in getting everybody in compliance with the law.

  3. I love that they have smoke-free laws in Washington! My husband and I have never been bowling together because for a while bowling allys were exempt from the law, and I couldn’t stand it the one time we were going to go. But now they are covered too… if only I could bowl.
    Thats one thing I’ve always hated about Nevada: everything smells like smoke.

  4. One of my clients was trying to quit smoking, but then he went to Las Vegas. As soon as he entered one of the hotel/casinos, it was over. He still smokes today.

  5. Cardine: Another glowing endorsement.
    Nevada… If you didn’t smoke when you got here, you will when you leave.
    (Or you’ll at least smell like you slept in an ashtray.)

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