Red Rock & Salt Lick BBQ

Last night we went to the new Red Rock Casino. It just opened in April of this year, at least I’m pretty sure that’s when it opened. This is based on my memory of the media coverage, which is far from a definitive source on pretty much anything.

Anyway, the only word that I could come up with to describe the place was SEXY! It was really a sexy hotel. The exterior was gorgeous, in a non-Vegasy-over-the-top way. The interior has nice flooring and beautiful light fixtures. The whole place is brightly lit which is kind of odd for a casino. The best part was that the overwhelming stench of nicotine-death-sticks hasn’t permeated every surface of the building. Of course, that will probably change over the course of a year, but for now it was relatively fresh smelling.

We had dinner at the Salt Lick BBQ inside the casino. The spouse loves BBQ, so we’ve been working our way around different BBQ joints in the valley. As often as I can handle it, that is… Not that I dislike BBQ, it’s just that I get kind of uncomfortable when faced with dining options that are not very healthy. I’m a freak like that.

They gave us a small loaf of bread at the beginning of the meal. It had about 6 slices and it was a white bread, but it had a hint of sourdough flavor. I ate a slice, but didn’t feel that it was anything that exceptional so I didn’t eat any more.

The spouse ordered a sampler plate that came with beef brisket, some kind of sausage links and pork ribs. It also came with cole slaw, potato salad and baked beans. He had one bite of the potato salad and said, “Yep, tastes like potato salad.” He didn’t touch the cole slaw or beans because neither of us like those much. He thought the different meats were all really good, but the sausage was the most flavorful.

I ordered the Warm Brisket Salad, which isn’t on their online menu. But then, their website isn’t very attractive or up-to-date, it doesn’t even reflect their Las Vegas restaurant. In fact, their website kind of sucks. But the salad… it was mixed greens with about 5 or 6 ounces of beef brisket on top. It also had a portobello mushroom/pepper mixture just under the beef. Well, the menu said it had mushrooms in it, but I didn’t see much evidence of mushrooms, it was mainly red and orange peppers. I like peppers, but I was disappointed at the lack of mushrooms because I had ordered it because of that item. It came with a smoky-tomato dressing that had a good kick. I ordered the dressing on the side, so I could be a fork dipper like usual!

They provided four different sauces on the table, a barbecue sauce, a spicy barbecue, a tomato-chipotle sauce and an apple-jalapeno sauce. I thought the tomato-chipotle was the best, followed by the apple-jalapeno.

Overall it was a fairly decent meal. The service was really good, but we’ve had better BBQ and probably won’t be visiting this place much.

But the Red Rock… I still maintain that it’s SEXY!

Salt Lick Barbecue (Red Rock Casino Resort and Spa) on Urbanspoon

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