Conversations With the Husband

I was in a public restroom before I had my most recent eye surgery. While in the stall, I overheard the following conversation between two women at the sinks:

#1: I hate public restrooms.
#2: Me too. I was at a cleanliness conference recently and learned some crazy things.
#1: Like what?
#2: Well, there were a few sessions on hand-washing. They had everyone wash their hands and then put them under a blacklight.
#1: Really? What were the results?
#2: Most people still had germs all over themselves. Mine were the cleanest in the group.
#1: Nice…

I relayed this discussion to my husband and his response was, “Yes, but she’s the one that attended a cleanliness conference and hand-washing session. You can’t wash that stain off.”

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