On Saturday I got up at 4 AM to go run 8 miles with my TNT group. After that I rushed home to inhale some breakfast, get cleaned up and go wait in line at an AT&T store to get an iPhone.

We were numbers 16 & 17 in line. The lady in front of us heard the store had received 40 phones, so we were pretty much guaranteed phones if her information was correct. YES!

After listening to her whine for an hour about how she needed some Starbucks and why weren’t they treating the customers better by giving us coffee and she was going to die if she didn’t get some Starbucks and it was inhumane that there was no coffee…. finally we were let into the store. They were only taking 5 people at a time so that each person could be helped and to retain the order of the line.

I got a white 16 GB iPhone and my hubby got a black 16 GB. And it was totally worth standing on hard concrete after my run to get the toy. It’s awesome and I feel so much better knowing that I can Google anything I desire whenever the mood strikes.

0 thoughts on “Reconnected

  1. I could not possibly be more jealous!
    :) I’m glad you got one though. Awesome!

    I bet you wanted to say something to that woman. I mean…you ran 8 MILES before you got in line and she couldn’t get up early enough to grab herself a damn cup of coffee. Unbelievable.

  2. Sparklie: When you put it that way, you’re totally right… damn her for not getting up even 5 minutes earlier to drive through Starbucks on her way. Moron!

  3. Congrats on the new toy!!!

    I’m still trying to get a new regular phone that’s compatible with my bluetooth. It’s now illegal in CA to drive on the phone without a headset. For now, I’m using the lame plug in one that came with my phone….

    Going to the phone store is AGONY.

  4. How did you not smack that lady? I have no idea what’s happened to me lately, but I’m growing increasingly intolerant of whiny complainers.

    I’ll have to check out the phone next time I see you!!

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