“Bests” Meme

Melissa tagged me with this. Sweet… instant blog fodder!

Best meal: Hmm… in terms of something that just tasted truly phenomenal, I’d have to say it was Todd’s Unique Dining for our anniversary last year. Fried goat cheese is wonderful. In terms of something that was truly satisfying, the Papa John’s pizza I ate after my marathon this January. It was hot food entering my mouth, I didn’t even notice it was missing a topping we ordered until I had consumed about 4 slices.

Best Car: All of my cars have good and bad memories associated with them. I guess I’d have to pick my ’89 Chevy Beretta because it never really left me stranded anywhere and it was kind of ‘cutting edge’ with all of the digital displays on the dash at the time.

Best hobbies: I love baking bread. I wish I could do this more often. But I have to work and take care of a household and I really can’t eat multiple loaves of bread each day.

Best vacation: I think the best vacation would have to be either Cabo San Lucas with my parents/brother my senior year of high school or Paris with my parents/brother right before I got married. I hope to have some truly awesome vacations with my hubby some day.

Best vacation without kids: What are kids? ;-)

Best job I ever had: It’s a tie between the library and the Registrar’s Office. Library gave me books to read and a little extra cash in high school without requiring that I smell like a deep fryer. The Registrar’s Office meant that I got to register for all my classes before everybody in college, I gained a very thorough understanding of higher ed and it fit conveniently around my course schedule.

Best thing to buy if money was no issue: I’m torn between travel (to build memories) and a really nice home (to be comfortable).

Best Age growing up: Hmm… I know it wasn’t high school years, that’s for sure. Or middle school, was anyone NOT awkward at that age? I’d have to pick 8 or 9. I was old enough to handle things on my own, but still young enough to be fairly innocent.

Best toys when I was a kid: Probably my Cabbage Patch Kid dolls. Man those things were ugly, but I was obsessed with them.

Best date before I was married: It was still with my spouse, but we weren’t married yet… it was after we had graduated from college and it was all Kevin’s idea. We got dressed up, went out for dinner and went to the ballet in SLC. It was the first time that I felt like we were on a “grown up” date, since college dating was mainly “hanging out”.

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