4 Things: Today is Good

Here are a few things about today that make it a pretty good day:

  1. A Sense of Humor:
    I love that Google has a sense of humor and creates little graphics for various holidays. But the fact that they have posted gags about new features included in the mail and calendar systems for April Fool’s Day, that just cracked me up!
  2. Prize Inside:
    I took a reader opinion survey for a magazine several months ago. Today I received a box of goodies as a prize for giving them a piece of my mind. I received some Bobbi Brown facial care products, a Karen Neuberger bathrobe and a copy of Paula Begoun’s Beauty Bible. Now I need to take that “day of sloth” I promised myself I would take before turning 30, don my robe and give myself a facial or something.
  3. Hell’s Kitchen:
    I am so very apathetic about TV lately. I watch some shows because they’re on, but I am always trying to take care of other things at the same time. But I have been watching Top Chef for the first time and I’m excited about the return of Hell’s Kitchen tonight. For some reason I really like watching Gordon Ramsay scream at people. Three contestants this season are from Vegas, do you think they’ll “represent”?
  4. Sweeney Todd:
    Movies have been getting more and more disappointing to me lately, I rarely leave the theater thinking that it was worth my money. But I LOVED this movie and I’m so excited that it is being released on DVD so now I can buy it. I’ve already listened to the soundtrack twice today.

11 thoughts on “4 Things: Today is Good

  1. I watched Hells Kitchen one season….its kind of hard to pull yourself away from watching the abuse, isn’t it.
    Those are some darn good prizes for doing a survey!

  2. I’ve never gotten anything from a survey!!

    I’ll have to check out Sweeney Todd. I’m so behind on current movies. Glad to hear I haven’t missed much.

  3. I do like Top Chef. Though, I’m beginning to think everyone is a food snob on that show….truffle this….fancy sauce that…. but when it comes down to it, these people don’t know how to make a simple and easy dish.

    BUT!! I love the show anyway.

  4. Tearese: Maybe I should have clarified, I didn’t get those prizes JUST for taking the survey. Everyone who completed the survey was put into a drawing and I was the one chosen as the winner. That would be awesome to receive a bunch of prizes guaranteed just for completing a survey.

    180/360: You could borrow Sweeney Todd if you wanted. We watch a lot of movies via Netflix now since the theatres are so annoying these days. Everyone with their cell phones and such! Drives me nuts…

    Cardine: You’re too normal? ;-)

    Gorillabuns: I agree, there comes a point where they should be able to recognize the beauty in a simple classic without having to make some kind of foam or truffle oil embellishment, but it is still fun. I’m going to start having Cheerios with prosciutto and truffle oil, just to be a foodie snob. (Ew…)

  5. Jill, I believe the term that they used was “distressingly normal.” I guess I won’t be among the first to inhabit Mars… :)

    I hope they post YouTube application videos. Those are sure to be hilarious.

    Cheerios with prosciutto and truffle oil – Ew, indeed.

  6. Cardine: “Distressingly Normal”, that is hilarious. And yes, I have seen that blog. I just saw it for the first time the other day actually and it made me laugh out loud. I had to read some of it to Kevin. I loved the “White People Like San Francisco” entry.

  7. I LOVE this season of Top Chef.

    Although? I kind of miss hating Stephen and Marcell and Hung. I am not sure that there are any truly pompous asses in this cast.

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